Developments of the NBN and introduction of FTTdP.

NBN is the new national broadband network that is being built by NBN Co. It has taken a number of large twists and turns over the years and is currently following a mixed technology approach to rolling out faster broadband across Australia. Originally the predominant delivery method for faster broadband was going to be FTTP – fibre to the premises. This is spoken about as a future proof solution that provides great capacity in the future with future technologies. Fibre optic cabling is used to connect the property to the new network.

With change of government, the mixed technology approach was adopted and it was decided that a large proportion of the country should receive fibre to the node technology. This is where fibre optis cabling is used up to newly created nodes in the street. Existing older copper is then used to delivery broadband right into the property.

In more recent times from 2016 onwards, we have seen the first use of existing HFC networks (hybrid fibre coaxial – or old cable TV network cabling) to connect homes to NBN. While regularly monitoring the data that NBN release on their website in 2017 it’s clear that more and more properties are now due to receive NBN by HFC. Some suburbs that were originally etched for FTTN and now coming up with HFC as their delivery method.

2017 though has now seen the introduction of FTTdP (fibre to the distribution) rollout information which will start going live in 2017. This is where fibre optic cabling is pulled through the street using existing conduit. At the pit outside a property it is then connected to the existing copper that runs to that home or business. This means that the distance of copper needed is dramatically less that FTTN.

There is significant commentary about whether NBN will use FTTdP to replace FTTN rollout areas. Unfortunately until the rollout of FTTdP starts and NBN can understand the true cost of deplying this technology in the field – they are not committing to any more than the original rollout suburbs that they have announced. Check back here as time goes on and we’ll share new developments in this area.

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