Below is the original history of Cormain:

“In 2003, when ADSL first became remotely affordable for the average Australian household, two university students had ADSL connected to their shared house, and bought an ADSL modem.

They realised they needed to keep one of the computers on all the time, in order to share Internet access between them. So they decided to get an ADSL modem router.

There were a few models on the market and they eventually settled on one. They opened it excitingly, thinking they would have a perfect Internet connection.

Big mistake. Many software applications which they were using before no longer worked. They learnt that a router would create a barrier for most software applications. The router was taken out, big old computer back in.

Being students with not much money, now even poorer, and a router worth few hundred dollars sitting in front of them, plus university assignments not getting done because they wasted hours trying to get the Internet working, they sat in front of the computer and cried for a week, then went to their universities so they could beg their lecturers to forgive them.

They do not want anyone else to go through what they went through, with so much time and money lost just to get an Internet connection. Cormain was born.

The reason they created Cormain was to help people finding the right ADSL modem for their purpose, regardless if it is for a single home user, or an ISP, or a big office with many people.

Today, Cormain is a company which specialises on ADSL and VoIP equipments. We select the best hardware for different purposes, then implement the best business practises, best operating procedures, so every one of our customers gets the right service he needs, first time, every time.”